dojo.undo.browser test

Required steps for using dojo.undo.browser:

This page tests the dojo.undo.browser back/forward code. Click on the buttons to create a navigation history, then use the browser back/forward buttons to try out the code. You should see messages in the Back/Forward Info section of the page indicating that a back or forward action was detected. The Data Output section should also update to the correct data for that point in the navigation history.

The buttons that start with "Link" on them don't use any calls, just JS data already in the page. The buttons that start with "XHR" use to do some XMLHTTPRequest calls for some test data, and they also define back/forward handlers, so should use dojo.undo.browser add to history tracking.

If the Change URL checkbox is checked, then the test links/io.binds will ask dojo.undo.browser to change the URL (done by adding a unique hash to the URL in the browser location bar). If Use Bookmark URL checkbox is checked, then a logical link name is used for the URL so it can be bookmarked. Other notes:

Change URL
Use Bookmark URL
Either check or uncheck
these boxes for the whole test.
The test WILL NOT WORK if you
check and uncheck the boxes during a test run.


Data Output:

Back/Forward Info: