The combo above uses an input tag. The combo below uses a select tag

this is some text below the combo box. It shouldn't get pushed out of the way when search results get returned. also: adding a simple combo box to test IE bleed through problem:

Some tests:

  1. Note: This is not really a ComboBox - it is actually an AutoCompleter.
  2. Type in D - dropdown shows Delaware and District of columbia. [Would be nice if it bolded the D's in the dropdown list!]
  3. Type in DX - input box shows DX and no dropdown.
  4. Open dropdown, click an item, it selects and closes dropdown.
  5. Click triangle icon - dropdown shows. Click it again - dropdown goes.
  6. Check that you can type in more than required (e.g. alaba for alabama) and it still correctly shows alabama
  7. Tab into the combo works [borked? keyup event for tab key causes dropdown to show?].
  8. Tab out of the combo works - closes dropdown and goes to next control (focus should not go to the dropdown because tabindex="-1").
  9. Do the dropdown and click outside of it - the dropdown disappears.
  10. Javascript disabled -> fallback to old style combo?
  11. Can you paste in the start of a match? [no]
  12. Backspace to start - dropdown shows all all items
  13. Backspace deselects last character [Borked: currently you have to backspace twice]
  14. Press down key to open dropdown
  15. Down and up keys select previous/next in dropdown.
  16. Non-alpha keys (F12, ctrl-c, whatever) should not affect dropdown.
  17. Press down arrow to highlight an item, pressing enter selects it and closes dropdown.
  18. Press down arrow to highlight an item, pressing space selects it and closes dropdown.
  19. Check that pressing escape undoes the previous action and closes the dropdown
  20. Check that pressing escape again clears the input box.
  21. In IE, mouse scroll wheel scrolls through the list. Scrolls by 1 item per click even if user has set mouse to scroll more than 1 in mouse settings. Only scrolls if text input has focus (page scrolling works as normal otherwise)
  22. In IE, dropdown list does not go behind the second combo (special code to manage this).
  23. Check dropdown is aligned correctly with bottom of the text input
  24. Probably should try the combo in a relative div or absolute div and see where the dropdown ends up. (Strongly suspect problems in this area in IE - boo)
  25. Try repeatably droppingdown and closing the dropdown. Shouldnt get hung [sometimes flicks closed just after opening due to timers, but not a biggie]
  26. Check that default selection of the text makes sense. e.g. text is selected after picking an item, on tabbing in to text input etc)
  27. Check that dropdown is smooth [looks uggy on second keypress in FF - hides then shows]
  28. (Add any other tests here)